Saturday, April 23, 2011

A moment of solitude

Yesterday I needed a moment to myself. A moment of quiet. A moment to take stock.

Around here, it can never be longer than a moment. There isn't enough time for longer than a moment! Even as I type this Im being used as a climbing post.

So yesterday, this is where I took my time out.

I was in the middle of cleaning off the trampoline and I had alook around and realised just how beautiful it is in our backyard.

I lay down on the tramp, and looked up at this... I just lay there for ages and reminded myself how lucky we are to have a home. Our own home too. This is the lucky country, and we have our own little slice of it.

My children have a safe place to play without me 
helicopter-ing over them. A safe place to explore, to grow and mature into wonderful young men. 

 This area (without the boys!) is so very peaceful. This was taken at about 3pm, the sun was flickering through the leaves of the many trees. It was so gorgeous. The whole area has a foliage canopy developing above it, so the boys aren't in the direct scorching Queensland sun to play.

In all of it, I realised just how blessed I am.

.... and how much I really need to buy a hammock!

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