Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday's really have changed!

Wednesday was my birthday... Happy birthday to me! It was a wonderful day, filled with joy from the cooked breakfast from Hubby and my cuddles from my beautiful boys.

But crikey my birthdays have changed since I was a child!

I share my birthday with my parents wedding anniversary. Dad used to joke about how the day was THEIR anniversary 1st, and my birthday second - but then act the opposite. All of my birthdays had happy memories attached, I never felt that my birthday wasn't special or important. It must have been quite a tightrope for them to keep the romance alive for their wedding anniversary and celebrate a child's birthday at the same time. No date night, but family dinners.
When my father died 2 years ago, this all changed. My birthday has this huge chunk of sadness attached to it. I spend alot of my birthday wondering how my mum is coping. This year was slightly easer to deal with for me, but I'm sure my Mum still struggled. My Dad was a very special man.

Smile and breathe Bekky.

There is another dramatic change in my birthdays since I was a child... My job doesn't stop for my birthday. I still have to cook, clean and look after the boys. Its never ending! I know that if I was in the workforce then I would have also had to go out to work and come home to all my other jobs!

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday this year!

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