Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday baking...

Since G started school almost 12 weeks ago, Sunday has been my baking day. I use it to prep for the week ahead. I make all his lunches and freeze them. I make cakes, slices, popcorn and other treats and pack them all into individual portion sizes ready for a quick throw in the lunch box on school mornings.
The blessing is that this means I also do my hubby's lunches at the same time. I've slacked off in that dept. since having A, but now he always gets a home packed lunch.

This is the last week before holidays, and is cut short by a day. I've decided to let him have tuckshop on his last day, which means I only had to bake for 3 days instead of the usual 5.

Today's menu was:

Lemon cake

Cheese and onion crackers

I've also put on the roast lamb for tonight's dinner, made 2 pairs of long pants for G for school, stripped G's bed and hung out a load of washing!

Today was a productive day!

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