Monday, May 16, 2011

Talk about some bad luck!

Hide me.... 


This little household has had its fair share of bad luck. Ok, more than our fair share I think... More like someone piled the plate high with seconds and still asked for some more...

The reason I haven't been posting is included in this run of bad luck, but Ill get to that in turn.

So where did it all start?? I guess it was back with the washing machine dieing a month or so ago. I cleaned it after I had read a blog post from the The organised housewife and within days it had stopped working for no apparent reason. It was over 5 years old, so we figured it could just be its time.

My mind is in a jumble from it all, so Ill just list it all...

Fridge died on mothers day
One of the back stairs collapsed - while I was standing on it - at my own birthday party!
G's had a cough for about a month
The hot water system blew a fuse (we fixed it less than 6 months ago, so if its going to do this again we're going to have to replace it too)
We did everything by the book, and now being told we were overpaid after the floods.
I broke my little toe
A may have broken his nose
J's clutch failed yesterday
While using phone banking (because I had not Internet!) A computer glitch paid the same bill twice.

But the biggest to affect this blog, is that the computers died. Both of them. almost at once.
J has a music PC for his production and mixing, and we have a laptop. The music PC died, and he was looking how to fix it on the laptop when the laptop blue screened. Its taken almost a full spindle of DVDs to back up the laptop hard drive, and even that wont cover programs, so we're waiting on a external hard drive or something to be able to do a complete back up on it. Whatever the case, its been hard going around here!

All this computer free time has given me time to get some other projects done, so stay tuned for updates on those. Ive been asked to blog my shopping list and meal plan so others can see how I do it on the cheap, so hold on for that one.... and on the whole cheap options, come back when I put up the boys quilts, made from their old baby clothes! Very waste not want not!

So I might hang up the keyboard for today. Typing from the music PC is oh so uncomfortable! The keyboard is mounted on the wall, so my arms are about to loose feeling... actually my fingers have gone cold!

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