Friday, April 8, 2011

Parent Teacher Interviews spell panic...

... Well at least for me they do.

Yesterday was G's first ever Parent Teacher interview, and Im about to let you in on a secret that will probably make me sound like the worlds worst mother.

...I was expecting him to be at the bottom of his class.

I went in, with the full belief I would be told that he was struggling, that he needed help, that he wasn't smart.

or more to the point, that I had failed him.

I tried to do flash cards in his toddler years. I tried to encourage him to write. I did all the things that I thought 'good' mum's would do with their children preparing them for school. But G was never into it. He'd be over it in 5 seconds flat and Im not one to push. So we spent our time doing thing that made us happy (which was mainly ABC on the TV...!).
With his speech delays (which, yes something I also feel is my fault, but thats a whole other post!), I just expected to be told that as sweet as he is, he's not all that bright.

Horrible. I know.

Mother's should be the ones believing their kids are the biggest and brightest stars. Don't get me wrong, I love my boy as much as I love a good poo chicken knock knock joke, I just had the bar set pretty low for him.

So turns out that I was wrong. I haven't failed him (woo!).

I'm not sure where he sits in the class 'rankings' (even if there is such a thing in Prep!), but he is far from the lowest. Even factoring in being one of the youngest students, and having a speech delay - he is doing really really well.

So whats he doing well...? He can write his own name, he can recognise 4 out of the 8 sight words they have learnt thus far (I kept saying 10 yesterday, turns out Mummy can't count!). Average for the class is 1 or none. He can sight letters up to 5 (thanks ABC2 and 3!).

He struggles with counting past 7, but found that isn't all that unusual... and he is only 4, when the majority of the class have already turned 5.

His speech has been reviewed as his teacher put in a referral for the speech therapist thats on staff, so we will find out more on that soon. But he has come along in leaps and bounds since starting 11 weeks ago.

My baby is no longer a baby, but a big smart school boy.... *sniff*

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