Monday, May 23, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.... Today it isn't enough!

Before having kids, I had a magical view on the world of parenthood. Even when I babysat for friends it was by most a wonderful experience, one I presumed would flow over into my parenting experience.

Because babysitting is just like parenting... right?


Its days like today that I'm left almost bald. I'm breathing so deep that I hyperventilate. I'm taking 'Mummy time out' and I'm reaching for the wine glass. Hell, if I smoked - I'd be chain smoking this afternoon. I'm counting to 10 to calm myself down, but when I get there I feel worse than when I started.

Thinking about the boys behaviour this afternoon, they haven't been over the top naughty... I guess... Its just that evil combination of Mummy in a bad mood and one or two wrong moves from the kids.... Its all downhill from here.

A has become this feral toddler at home. He has started backchatting, he is throwing his toys with a force that should have its own category warning system on it. He is hitting G, or sitting on his head, or stealing his toys, or stealing my money. Right this second, he was stealing my wool boxes from beside my bed - my best guess would be to make a web of wool for me to clean up later. I told him to put the box back, which he did. Begrudgingly. Serious attitude. He strutted back in, and threw it back on the pile! I smacked his hand for it, and now he is in the lounge screaming "I want my Daddy!". Number of hairs left on my head is rapidly decreasing! It is just general naughty 2 yr old behaviour really, but every time he does something its like nails down a chalk board. No, scrap that because nails down a chalk board doesn't annoy me. Its like hearing someone eat. The chewing sound does my head in and I feel like screaming. So yeah, his behaviour is like the chewing sound, and I'm at my wits end this afternoon.

J wants to deal with A's backchatting and disrespect, because obviously my discipline methods aren't working. Problem is, he only gets about 5 hours through the week with the boys, the rest is all me. The buck stops with me.

Where did I go wrong? G is such a lovely well behaved child... A, well A is A. A pain in the Arse! And I can say that, because I am his Mum, and I do love him - despite this rant!

Seriously, the one hour till bedtime seriously can't come soon enough!

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