Monday, May 30, 2011

Cheap cleaning products

Gosh I love being frugal... :) I have no shame when it comes to discounts, discount stores or anything labelled as cheap. If it saves us a buck (hey, even a cent I'd be happy!) I'm there.

I had to stop in at the chemist today and get A some cough mix, and next door is Sam's warehouse. I went in looking for snaplock sandwich bags as G wants them for his lunches, and well I refuse to pay more than $2 for them... But what I found today was a whole smorgasbord of cheap cleaning products! I got everything I was going to get when I did the groceries this week, but mostly brandnames - and for less than I would pay for homebrand anyway!

What did I get:

Laundry liquid 5L - (Supreme brand) -$6.99 (Shelf said $6 though... Not happy Jan!)
Fabric conditioner concentrate (Clean Scene-  used this before and it has held a gorgeous scent in the clothes, even after been lined dried) - $1 x 2
Creme cleanser (Clean Scene) - $2
Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid - $2
Kitchen cleaner spray (Supreme) - $2 (Ajax ones there for $2.49, but I thought-  meh I'll save myself $0.49 just opting for the no name)
Radiant liquid (For linen and towels) - $2

I wasn't 'needing' the radiant liquid, but we have issues with our towels, so I figured for $2 I could see if its just a gimmick or if will help our towel clean better and stay nicer for longer.)

Notice that the one thing I went in for, I didn't get?! I couldn't find any :( Either they don't stock them anymore or they have moved them and I didn't find them. Oh well. Aldi ones should be cheap enough.

Can't wait to get cleaning now... I know - sad hey!

But always remember, something is only a bargain if you actually need it... otherwise its just wasting money!

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