Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bullies, may you all get whats coming to you.

I'm a mumma bear, I've gone over this before. So when poor G started crying over me telling him to hurry up and get in his seat, I knew something more had gone on today.

At first I told him to stop crying, and when he wouldn't, I told him to let it all out. After a few minutes of this I said "Ok matey, tell Mummy what's happened today." It all came out so quick that I could barely make sense of it all. So after alittle bit of replay with him, this is what happened today.

During class, he has gone to the toilet.
Corey from another prep class has pushed the door open on him.
He has said to him 'Stop it. I don't like it" (as he has been told to do)
Corey has snapped that back at him.
Corey has continued to open the door up on G while has he been desperately trying to go to the loo and also been fighting to keep the door closed... He tells me that he tried to lock it, but Corey just pushed it open again...
At some point Corey has laughed at him saying "I can see your bum".

I guess its all pretty harmless, but I've seen this happen to another child and I had to intervene as I could hear the fear in the childs voice. To think that my own baby has had to go through this, breaks my heart. Its obviously got him pretty shaken up as he is still upset now. Any small thing is setting him off. He tells me that he told his teacher, and she said "I'll deal with it". So I hope that they do.

Actually, no its not 'harmless'. How would you like the toilet door being pushed open constantly, when you have fought back and told the person no. It is bullying, and I know I wouldn't like it one little bit.

It may all be a part of growing up, but its a part Im going to struggle most with.


  1. It isn't harmless at all Bekky, it is awful. Poor Garrett I hope you go and talk to the teacher about it.
    Love to you and the G-Man xxx

  2. Thanks Kerry. I was at first thinking that it wasn't pushing/punching etc. But it was intimidation. God help the kid if he wasn't in Prep!
    I asked G if he wanted me to do anything more at school or just more cuddles. He opted for more cuddles... :D