Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The power of a good vent

After my last post, I have been feeling much more positive. Like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my heart.

As a mother I have felt connected and less stressed. I've been taking delight in my boys achievements. I sat back and took stock on just how far G has come since starting school. It is really mind boggling just how much he has learnt. I know its just the start, and quite frankly I'm so excited to watch him grow and mature into a wonderful young man...
I've been paying more attention to A in play. He has such an active imagination! He is such an adorable kid when he isn't pushing my buttons.

As a housewife I have felt in control. The washing up has been done of a night, the house is clean, I did all the filing today. I have been cooking better meals instead of just finding something to throw in the oven and be done with it.

As a wife I'm feeling less disconnected... Although much more improvement is needed in this area.

I even managed to make a newborn crochet set for a friend.

A large mood boost is some wonderful news from my best friend... I'm so happy for her!

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  1. So glad that you're feeling better lovely - you deserve that rainbow xx